God has worked in my life is amazing. Its the little things you notice the most, then the big things, the way He makes everything beautiful inside of us, and around us. We already live in a creation very much designed by Him in magical detail. Audrey Assad’s song gave me the title to this site-Beautiful Things(affiliate link)

Life touches me, and I am always seeking meaning. This blog explores feelings, and experiences in the Christian life. This blog is “God-Approved”, meaning I pray before each post, and yield.

Please consider purchasing my autobiography. Especially if you know someone involved in the occult. Go here to check it out. Its an eBook, a straight through read with no table of contents, but subheadings. Only 56 pages or so but worth it!

I am a Handmade Jewelry Designer at Covered In Love, and a Landscape Photographer. Go here.